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Ataque En Titan

Originaler Titel: Shingeki no kyojin
IMDB 8.8
Reeves Domanico

The moment you watch this audiovisual masterpiece you will immediately appreciate the level of thought and detail that went into this. From the initial scene that shows you the main and unique weapons to some of the frames that could literally be used as your desktop background or be hanged in your room as paintings. From episode to episode you'll think that you won't be surprised anymore and you'll be wrong again and again, every time I thought an episode or season couldn't be better I was proven wrong. You will get goos bumps from dialog alone and you will lose your mind in the epic fight scenes The characters and their development, the story covered in mystery that unveils beautifully, a dialog carefully written that shows the characters personalities and wisdom., sound design, music, illumination... you'll feel like you are there. The voicing of the characters is excellent... there is nothing below excellent in this. An absolute masterpiece and a bar of quality for any audio visual product to come. Be prepared to care only about Attack on Titan and nothing else, because nothing else will make you feel this way.
Geller Nido

The best part of the series is coming in april 2019, all of the entire show is not compare to what is coming now, nobody is ready for that.
Fleeman Lavi

One of the best anime u must watch before u die. Best Story ,best characters and best actions.❤❤❤❤
Horodko Millison

This anime just keeps me on the edge of my seat. Each week I watch and each week I want more. It's intense. The concept and story line are on point and keep you thrilled and wanting more. The only downside is the seven-day waiting for the next episode. Definitely one of the best anime I have seen.

I often watch anime for fun and as a means of passing the time away but with this it's different. I can't tear my eyes away for even a second. A masterpiece in the making. I just hope the producers keep this running for longer instead of cutting it short into a 20-something episode thing such as SAO or BTOOOM!.

Do yourself a favor and follow it.

I've seen all kinds of animes, mostly adult ones because usually they have a better story then kid shows, and I had nothing left to watch so i googled 2013 animes and this one seemed slightly interesting, watched a trailer first and didn't like the trailer, watched the 1st episode and I was hooked, watched the 2nd and i was totally hooked, watched the 3rd and it blew my mind, now I will have to wait every week for an episode daaamn, the first 3 episodes of this anime prove that this anime will be an awesome one, you can foretell that by watching how the first episodes is building up this hype-level of an awesome story which started out sad and is going to become epic and bloody. The concept is unique and I like it. Humans who live inside 50 meters high walls to protect themselves from titans (giants), Eren the main character feels unpleasant about it compared to everybody else because that's not really true freedom for a human to be "livestock" inside walls, waiting to get eaten by titans. One day, and that would be the day they would all remember for eternity, the day when first wall fell and hell broke loose, this is where the story starts. And it just gets better and better! There's a lot of emotional and bloody scenes which usually makes up for a good story. You know those animes that catch your eyes on the first episode, this is one of them.

This show is almost absolute perfection. I was completely immersed into the show from episode one. In fact I stayed up for hours when I first started it and was not able to stop watching. On season three now and I can't wait to see where this show takes us.
Myrna Clutter

Only 6 episodes in while writing this review, but wow what a start. Firstly the music and voice acting are seriously good, and the art/animation is top notch, very nice indeed. Then regarding the story line - right from the off we get deep into the scenario, the characters, and their fear. The anime does an amazing job of portraying the characters emotions, you really get the sense of how much of a helpless position the humans are in. Quite a lot has happened already in these first 6 episodes, with already some shocks and unexpected events. Really has been an incredible start to this anime, and that is what I have rated it on, though I have extremely high confidence this one will be one that gets better and better.
Meaghan Carmello

Although there are already a few reviews on this series, AOT is so good that I still felt the need to write a review.

Attack on Titan is, at the time of this writing, only 8 episodes into the series, yet it already seems to be one of the best anime of 2013. I'm a big fan of SAO and this series is right on par with part 1 of SAO (if you're reading this and Haven't seen Sword Art Online, I would very highly recommend it- definitely one of the best anime I've ever seen.)

**Here's a quick note- if you aren't sure whether or not you'll want to watch this, here are some things that could keep you away. There IS gore in AOT, and while it lessens up later, the first few episodes are particularly gruesome compared to shows like Naruto or One Piece. If you're interested but not big on the gore, try watching Psycho Pass. It's a great anime in its own right but it's also not afraid of some blood. If that show has too much Gore for you then you probably won't like AOT. Also, if you get scared easily, these Titans are extremely creepy. Like, Evil-Clown level creepy. In the end, wouldn't recommend for early teens.**

Some reviews have given confusing accounts of what Attack on Titan is about (I'm looking at you blackmamba99971) whereas others have given much more concise sums (fanis-gav has a good one) but basically, it's a Medieval-looking time period and humanity lives in the spaces between 3 separate circular walls (Great Wall of China sized walls) one inside of the next. These walls were put up to protect humanity from the Titans, humanoids with no "junk" that go in sizes of 5, 7, 15, and 60 meters (A tall human is 2 meters by the way). No-one knows where the titans came from or how they survive/reproduce or even how they can be killed for awhile. All they know is that Titans eat humans simply because they enjoy it. After "100 years of peace" living within the walls, the Titans break through a part of the Outermost wall where a young boy named Eren lives. To put it shortly, he sees some people killed right in front of him and vows to "wipe out each and every Titan."

Now here is where the show really sets itself apart. In most anime, the main character has some secret power or something that allows them to live up to their challenge. Naruto had a ton of chakra, Luffy had the Gum-Gum fruit and Ichigo had an intense Spiritual Pressure. All these MC's have something exceptional about them that makes anything seem possible.

This is anything but the case for Eren. When we meet Eren, he's a scrawny little punk that can't even take on others his age, much less an adult or Titan. The idea of Eren taking on a few of the lower level Titans is laughable. Even after a 5 year time-skip where Eren and other kids have become young adults trained to kill Titans with the Recon squad (a unit of the Army that goes outside the walls to fight Titans and has little to no success at this point), they look like as big a threat to Titans as a toddler with a wooden gun. And you see it in every episode too; the feeling that no-one is safe and the desperate plight that the characters are in really permeates the entire show. There's no "Last-Second-Save" like in most other anime, and the twists come every week. You get to know a whole cast of characters but you never know who's safe or not. This adds a gravity, a realness to the show that brings you in and really allows you to connect with these all too fragile, human characters.

Besides that, the artwork is fantastic, the soundtrack gets better each episode, the character and plot development is top-notch and there's still a ton of room to grow with where the Titans come from, what Eren's dad injected him with (we still don't know), what's in the basement and how the Colossal Titan keeps appearing. If you can deal with a bit of gore and are looking for a great new show, it's a fantastic piece of work well worth the look.
Neu Klimavicius

I am not much of an Anime buff, sure I watched my fair share when I was a teenager but most Animes simply do not grab as much as I would like. There is of course Akira and Ninja scroll and stuff like that people in general should watch at least once in their life. The only Anime TV show that I watched from the beginning was Fist of the North Star. A real classic in my opinion.

Seems like I found another show that I consider already a classic in the making. I am proud to say after watching 3 Episodes of |Attack on Titan| I am blown away. The show is nicely paced, the whole plot is so simple, yet strong and the whole concept of having the human race, that consist of mostly German people or so it seems, locked up behind walls is really, really compelling.

The art is superb and a joy to watch. From the Bavarian town over to the great painted landscapes, character design etc. It is all top notch in my opinion.

Stuff like the charging Armored Titan is even for an old timer like just to cool to pass up. What a great scene that was. I cannot wait for the next episode.

Perfect from every prospective story,music, sound track, art and animation. This is not an ordinary anime it's a masterpiece.

This anime grabbed me in the first episode and it didn´t release me to the end. I´ve seen all the episodes several times but it still can make me feel like for the first time. It has gripping story, fantastic music and really good animation. Someone can tell that animated serials are for children so if you have one of these people in your friendlist, tell them about this anime. It´s full of blood, gore, cutted extremities and death so they will probably change their mind. The serial stars Yûki Kaji (Eren Yeager), Marina Inoue (Armin Arlert), Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa Ackermann) and many other good voice actors and actress. In the story main characters and other people live in the town surrounded by tall walls. The walls protect people from some kind of creepy humanoid monsters called titan. And those titans really like to kill and eat humans so there are much violent too. But you can´t look at this anime only in bad way. It´s also about friendship, loyalty and many strong feeling made between people in hard situations. It´s about the will of life, political intrigues, freedom and amazing fights against human eating creatures. This anime is great work and nobody can change MY mind.
Simah Kalawe

"Attack on Titan" is PHENOMENAL!!! There are MULTIPLE reasons why I LOVE "Attack on Titan"!!!


1) Storyline - I REALLY like how Isayama creates a DEEP suspense within certain situations to get the readers hyped up about what will happen next and/or why the events happened in the series.

2) Diversity - In most manga and anime, we only see Japanese people with unnatural hair color( like the characters from series such as "Naruto", "Bleach", "My Hero Academia", and so on). However, "Attack on Titan" is FAR UNIQUE because Isayama ACTUALLY included black people and Middle Easterns!!!

3) Character Appearances/Traits - Isayama included a four-year timeskip in "Attack on Titan" and DRASTICALLY CHANGED some of the characters' appearances, ESPECIALLY Eren Yeager's. I personally LOVE Eren Yeager's character( development) because I can relate to Eren in certain ways and how his appearance changed THE MOST out of the other characters( from "Attack on Titan")!!! Eren Yeager grew his hair longer and grew some facial hair after the four-year timeskip, but he later shaved off his facial hair and tied his hair back when he returned to Paradis from Marley. (I SERIOUSLY DIDN'T EXPECT THE SHAVING AND HAIR-TYING TO HAPPEN!!!!) Other characters that received a DRASTIC change also includes Mikasa, Sasha, and Armin.

4) Additional Reason(s) - I also think that "Attack on Titan" has the most beautiful artworks and animations out of the other manga/anime that I've read/seen so far!!!

I have to give this anime a 10 our of 10! Ever since the first 2 episodes, which was in my opinion one of the best hook-on I have seen, it was very intense and conveyed fear to the viewers very well. Some people complain that it has gotten slow or was boring in some episodes, but I don't think they fully grasp how important each episode is. First I think ever since the first 2 episodes, it made people raise their standards and expected more and more action every time. The show does an amazing job on building character and storytelling in general. I doesn't have to have action all the time just for it to be good. This anime is top-notch! The money and time they invested in this Manga adaption was well done! Excellent! Animation is beautiful! Whatever the effect they use for the Tian's animation is also nice. My next obsession is the soundtracks! I am so glad Hiroyuki Sawano helped worked on it. He is a highly valued music composer that is remarkable at making one of the most epic soundtracks, such as Gundam UC: Unicorn. The Manga's content was a lot more gory, but they adapted it and censored it in a way that did not ruin the story. Voice over is also excellent! Expresses feelings and other emotions strongly and effectively.

During the month end on April, it was my most excited moment because Endgame and AOT season 3 was about to released. After watching endgame, I thought this must be the most epic movie i've seen at least for this year. And guess what, AOT proved that I was wrong, it is literal the best of the best, Far beyond Epic!!
Cozza Freymuth

Each season gets better and better! S3 P2 is untouchable right now! 😍
Frieda Leota

Amazing story, astounding plot, great philosophy and messages, what you love about this anime is the mystery. It makes your head burn and theorize about the story. The only disadvantage is the lack of comedy but maybe it's necessary for a story like that. It's a 9.5 3

Attack on Titan is a must see show for anyone whether they enjoy anime or not. The writing in this show is incredible, you must watch it to believe it. The story is dark but beautiful, and the animation is the best anime has to offer. The show has an amazingly good pace, with a blend of gut wrenching tense action scenes and heartfelt character moments. The characters in this show are so unique and distinct, every character feels real and three dimensional, despite their occasional silly anime style banter (which is entertaining in its own right). The soundtrack is also amongst the best any television show has produced, and it expresses the tones of the show and makes every scene even better. 'Vogel im Kafig' is a musical masterpiece, and i recommend you give it a listen even if you haven't seen the show. The show's twists and turns are on another level, and the reveals are built so well that every plottwist will leave your jaw on the floor. This show is truly a masterpiece, and you should see it regardless of whether you enjoy anime or not.

The best anime of it's genre - dark, gloomy, violent - reminds me of Fist of the North Star - but this is better. Not one moment was I bored - I'm just glued to the screen as all my friends are. From the title to the voices, animation musci - everything just works to perfection.

It has no dull or useless moments, the animation is PERFECT and still shots enhance the value by giving you a pause in time while something important is happening or you are required to think. The story never slows - the training episodes are perfect character development and give us a much more intimate feeling of the cadets , thier characters and how they fight.

Most of all the story is gripping, scary and is great cause for reflection. I found myself thinking if a world where humans are exterminated like this might actually be a better place - take a look outside the walls were the nature is so pristine because humans cannot go there!

Must watch!! And watch with your thinking caps on because behind the gore, the deaths, the emotions, the tragedy - there are hidden messages. Deep anime.
Elconin Metchikoff

This anime is simply amazing! The way it is animated, the soundtrack, the characters, the story, the thrill and the suspense. All in one action-packed anime. One of the best so far. As it has only 9 episodes as of now ... many critics say that it is way too early to rate an anime. But, according to me, this is pure class. The soundtrack's tempo varies according to the situation and this makes it more exciting. The ending of the episode is something that NO one will look forward to as NO one will want it to end. A must watch for every anime lover and of course the manga is available as well. Although a bit gory, the epicness makes up for it! You know those animes that catch your eye from the first episode, this is one of them.

A well made anime. The feel this show gives is just awesome. I always want more of it and one episode a week is just so not fair. Right now I am on 20th episode and it's really getting better.

The show hooked me from the very first episode. How action and emotions connects and make a perfect atmosphere for Titans, monsters who like to eat humans just for fun, and humans, fighting for their existence when stuck inside three walls.How main characters who aren't super powerful yet give a promising touch to the show. And how they show a real management work even when their is anger, fear and blood in the air.

Characters are super cool and feel real unlike regular animes. This show is a guarantee of entertainment. Give it a try.

When you think of anime's. When you think of anime characters, story lines and so on and so fourth. You think, main character is an underrated, powerful, optimistic character who beats the bad guy and gets a girlfriend at the end. Little twists and turns in the middle, but in the end, a cliche amazing ending everyone will love right? WELL, WITH THIS ONE, HAVE A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE AND MENTALITY. This show somehow, shows reality through a cartoon based on giant humanoid creatures who feed on humans. Shows you the pain you go through sometimes. Shows you, not everything goes the way you expected. This show shows so many emotions and feelings. The shows protagonist Eren Yeager along with his friends show emotions that you probably felt deep inside. How a show about 15 foot giants, shows reality to us humans? Powerful. Amazing anime with an outstanding soundtrack. I cannot name one fault about this show and one day it will end and I 100% will not be ready. I definitely recommend this show, it's too good to miss!!!!!!!!!
Shiri Sandholm

This is undoubtedly the best anime ever. The best part of the anime is that there are no loop holes. Everything makes sense in the end. Another amazing thing about the anime is that there are no annoying characters who ruin the fun of the anime. Every character is good in his own way. As a reader of the manga, I can guarantee that the ending is EPIC! This anime constantly improves reaching it's Pinnacle at it's ending. This deserves number one and I'm sure the ratings will improve.

This is fantastic on many levels, the story, art, and atmosphere. The basic premise of mindless giants that eat people sounds ho hum on paper but watching it gives a much different feeling. As an audience we don't know a whole lot more than the characters so the emotional impact of twists and turns mirrors the character development. And believe me, there are twists and turns you probably won't expect. No one is safe in this world and it is a brutal world. The requisite young pair of kids is there as the focal point for the series and there are other typical anime trappings I've noticed, based on my limited exposure to the genre, but you will immediately forget about those if they bother you because the story is so darn riveting. Violent. Bloody without being gratuitous in the gore department, the horror comes from unpredictability and the feeling we are seeing what it is like to be ants in a human world. Highly recommended for adults. Don't dare expose this to sensitive children, it will absolutely freak them out in a bad way. As far as I can tell this series also is staying very close to the Manga. This is one of those series that people don't mind paying a streaming subscription just to get. However, you can watch for free if you get Crunchy Roll.

I've seen many anime's mostly adult ones because kid ones are mostly funny ( not ) and not voilent or serious. But this anime is special because it's not voilent all the time and it's serious. It's the best anime I've seen in my life. The characters are so cool that I've even got posters of them like Levi Erwin eren as a titan the female titan the beast titan the colosul titan and the armour titan.So from me I say you should give it a chance and at least watch the first 10 episodes.
Goerke Loury

Animation - absolutely incredible, fluid, not blocky, crazy camera angles, and very good character designs and animated facial expressions.

Music - reeeeally epic, well-timed, and really epic

Voice Acting - almost perfectly done All characters' voices fit and really give them extra definition to each character. Armin and Eren in particular have the most expressive voices that have produced some of the best voice acting performances I've ever seen that really does outshine most other characters in anime.

Story - Rich background and story world, incredibly grim, this story is a lot more complicated than the premise introduced in Episode 1.

Plot - how the story is presented in the form of an anime definitely keeps you interested for wanting more. If you're not seeing action, you're seeing emotional breakdowns, controversial issues, showcases of characters and character interactions, etc. The pacing of the series is good, there's always something interesting going on or something interesting we as an audience want to know, and there's ALWAYS conflict after conflict, the humans really can't catch a break.

Characters - realistic, emotional, and some really interesting, basically just imagine a normal person like yourself in the shoes of the cadets.

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